Experience is our name


At our school, we are proud to be guided by a team of 14 highly qualified instructors and trainers, each dedicated to curating a diverse range of swimming activities.

We recognize that everyone is unique, which is why we tailor our lessons to suit your individual needs and those of your child.

Our approach is firmly rooted in promoting a healthy lifestyle, and this ethos permeates all our activities.

From the very outset, our primary goal has been to nurture the comprehensive development of children, encompassing physical, mental, motor, and social dimensions.

We have meticulously crafted our own swimming programs, which are at the heart of our daily interactions with each of you.

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, as we continuously enhance our qualifications through active participation in conferences and workshops related to our profession.

Our Growth, Your Progress


While our school has been in operation for just 7 years, we teach over 2000 young members during each swim term.

Our journey commenced in Dublin's West Wood Clontarf swimming pool, where our classes continue to thrive. Over time, we've expanded our presence to include three additional swimming pools.

Dedicated to your needs, we are committed to continually enriching our range of activities, always with your best interests in mind.

Water is more than just an element. It's our entire world.


The iSwim Academy team comprises dedicated professionals who bring a steadfast approach to teaching. Our passion has evolved into a way of life, driving us to give it all so that both you and your child are entirely content.

Come and immerse yourself in the world of iSwim Academy.

Enjoy our classes to the fullest!

iSwim Team


Jolanta Tulikowska-Sobinek

Allow us to introduce one of our Managers, a dynamic and creative individual brimming with innovative ideas.

Jolanta boasts a diverse educational background, having earned a Master's degree from the Academy of Physical Education in Wroclaw. She is also a graduate of the State Higher Vocational School in Racibórz and the Medical School in Rybnik.

As the Founder and co-owner of the esteemed iSwim Academy swimming school, Jolanta holds multiple roles, including instructorship in swimming, infant swimming, corrective gymnastics, nordic walking, and wellness. Yet, above all, she takes immense pride in her role as a happy mum to two incredible boys.

In her capacity as Commander-in-Chief, Jolanta is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations, including the meticulous organization of appointments, even within tight timeframes. She ensures that all scheduling and appointments run smoothly and seamlessly.

Beyond her managerial duties, Jolanta possesses a remarkable gift for patience, making her an exceptional instructor. She not only explains concepts meticulously but also inspires and motivates children to engage in daring physical activities within the swimming pool. Her infectious passion for swimming transforms even the youngest learners into confident aquatic enthusiasts.

Jolanta's diverse skill set extends to conducting a variety of activities, including lessons for infants to help them acclimate to water, swimming lessons for children aged 2-4 and 5+, adolescents, and adults.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Jolanta treasures quality time with her family. She has a profound passion for books, personal development, and travel. She possesses a creative outlook on life and delights in exploring the world from various angles and perspectives. What she enjoys most, however, is engaging in simple conversations about life itself.

Tobiasz Sobinek

Meet our Swim Manager, father to two wonderful boys. With an unwavering go-getter attitude, he approaches life with a perpetual smile and an unyielding optimism. His work with children not only brings him immense satisfaction but also infuses him with boundless energy for his responsibilities.

In addition to his sunny disposition, he possesses a remarkably calm demeanor and the patience of a saint, making him a remarkable educator and mentor.

While holding qualifications as a physical education teacher, he has chosen to specialize as a second-class swim instructor, swimming instructor, water rescuer, and wellness instructor. As a co-founder of the iSwim Academy School, he passionately dedicates himself to enhancing swimming techniques for individuals of all ages, from children and adolescents to adults.

His core belief is that it's never too late to embark on the journey of learning how to swim. According to him, the recipe for success consists of a dash of enthusiasm, unwavering consistency, and a passionate instructor to guide the way.

Among his many passions, ju-jitsu holds a special place, reflecting his diverse interests and commitment to personal growth.

Assistant Manager

Michał Wojtas

Our Assistant Manager brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Holding a Master's degree in Physical Education and Health from Lodz University, he has honed his skills over the years in various roles, including as a Physical Education teacher, swimming instructor, aqua fitness instructor, personal trainer, lifeguard, and leisure time animator.

With a perpetually cheerful demeanor and an ever-present smile, he radiates positivity in all aspects of life and interactions with people. His standout qualities include extraordinary patience, unwavering diligence, impeccable conscientiousness, and a punctual approach to his work. He has a special affinity for working with people, particularly children, and firmly believes that everyone, even those with a fear of water, can learn to swim.

His role brings him immense joy and satisfaction, particularly when he witnesses his students achieve milestones and make significant progress in their swimming techniques. He imparts his knowledge and refines swimming skills for individuals of all ages, from children to adolescents and adults.

Beyond his professional pursuits, he is an enthusiast of power sports and mountain tourism, further exemplifying his passion for physical fitness and adventure.



Alejandro Lopez Garcia

Alejandro's aquatic journey commenced at the tender age of 4, instilling in him a deep-seated passion for discipline and dedication that has endured through the years. His dedication propelled him to national-level swimming competitions in Mexico. Subsequently, he transitioned to Triathlon, becoming his primary sport for the last remarkable 22 years. Alejandro had the privilege of representing Mexico in international world championships on multiple occasions.

With a coaching degree from the International Triathlon Union and an Irish swim teacher qualification, Alejandro possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in both swimming and triathlon. His love for sports knows no bounds, as he boasts experience in teaching swimming, triathlon, cycling, fitness, and football, and a readiness to embrace new sports challenges.

As an educator, Alejandro finds boundless joy in working with children, who radiate inexhaustible energy and happiness. He derives immense satisfaction from witnessing his students' progress and skill development. Alejandro's teaching is characterized by his unparalleled patience, unwavering positive attitude, and unmatched determination. He firmly believes in the adage "sharing is caring" and is always eager to pass on his wealth of experience and knowledge to his students, fostering their growth and success in the world of sports.


Jose Manuel Lopez Garcia

Manuel's journey with swimming began at a young age, and his passion for it has remained unwavering ever since. He fondly recalls the invaluable encouragement he received from his own swimming instructors, who instilled in him the confidence to navigate the water. Today, he pays this forward by imparting the same confidence to his students.

With qualifications as an Irish swimming instructor and a lifeguard certified by the Royal Lifesaving Society of the UK, Manuel has established a solid foundation in aquatic education. His sporting prowess extends beyond swimming, encompassing diverse disciplines such as triathlon, football, and basketball, all of which he has actively engaged in since his youth.

In his role as a swimming teacher, Manuel thrives when working with children of all ages. His remarkable patience and unwavering positive attitude are the cornerstones of his teaching philosophy. Manuel firmly believes that anyone can excel at swimming with dedication and confidence, and he recognizes the pivotal role a strong foundation plays in a swimmer's future success.

In his lessons, Manuel's primary focus is to ensure that children not only learn essential swimming skills but also have a blast while doing so. He understands that fostering a fun and engaging environment is key to helping young learners develop their aquatic abilities.

Stuart Royle

Raised in Malawi, located in central Africa, Stuart has always been actively engaged in a wide array of sports. The hot climate of his upbringing made swimming an integral part of his life, especially since his mother was a swim coach. Stuart swam competitively up to the age group level before redirecting his focus towards rugby.

In 2009, Stuart commenced his journey as a sports instructor, including teaching swimming, at the International School in Lusaka, Zambia. In 2012, he relocated to Galway, Ireland, and continued to nurture his passion for swimming by providing both group and private lessons with Swim Buddies. Concurrently, he served as an Assistant Head Coach at the Galway Swim Club. During this period, Stuart successfully pursued and completed his B.S.C in Exercise and Fitness in 2017 through the University of Limerick.

With nearly 15 years of coaching and teaching experience in diverse environments, Stuart firmly believes that swimming is an indispensable life skill. His foremost passion lies in equipping individuals with the knowledge and confidence needed to be safe in the water. Stuart is dedicated to imparting this essential skill to learners of all ages, ensuring they have the competence and confidence to navigate aquatic environments.

Swim Teachers

Donghwi Seo

With a childhood spent near the beach in a bustling port city, his affinity for swimming was cultivated from an early age. While pursuing studies in Marine Police at university and gaining practical experience as a trainee navigator, his path took a pivotal turn when he began assisting as an instructor at a children's swimming pool. This experience ignited his passion for teaching, prompting him to acquire both a sailor's license and a swimming instructor's certification.

His journey has been enriched by a diverse array of experiences, including serving as a beach lifeguard on weekends and imparting essential swimming techniques and survival skills to elementary school students on weekdays. Furthermore, boasting a 4th-degree black belt in Taekwondo, He has dedicated myself to volunteering as a Taekwondo instructor for students ranging from elementary to high school levels, both domestically and internationally.

Currently, he's privileged to serve as a swimming instructor at iSwim Academy. His commitment extends beyond imparting swimming proficiency; He is dedicated to nurturing happiness and fulfilment in children through the transformative power of swimming.

Dorin Ciorici

Dorin embarked on his aquatic journey at the tender age of 6. With a seasoned swimming teacher as his grandfather, boasting over 30 years of experience, Dorin's roots in the world of swimming run deep. Over the years, he has had the privilege of working with a diverse range of students, both young and old, honing his teaching skills.

Dorin firmly believes that fundamental swimming skills are indispensable for everyone, and he considers himself fortunate to have found his passion in swimming, allowing him to pursue a fulfilling career in the field.

His primary objective is to instill confidence and motivation in his swimmers. Dorin is dedicated to providing constructive feedback and maintaining a positive atmosphere while instilling discipline in the pool.

His guiding mantra is simple yet profound: "Swimming is exceptionally beneficial for children, as it complements their boundless energy and innate happiness."

Dorin's unwavering commitment to personal growth ensures that he is continually striving to be the best version of himself. With each lesson, he shares the wealth of his experience to offer swimmers the finest and most enjoyable learning journey possible.

Fernando Muñoz

Meet our enthusiastic and vibrant instructor, hailing all the way from Madrid! With a natural affinity for working with people and a positive outlook on life, he is dedicated to creating engaging and fulfilling experiences for all.

Having been immersed in swimming academies since childhood, he developed a passion for sports early on. At the age of 18, he obtained a Sports Graduation Degree in Spain, marking the beginning of an exciting journey filled with travel, learning, and cultural exchange.

His diverse background includes working as a hotel entertainer and sports coordinator in Madrid, Andalucia, and the Canary Islands. Through these experiences, he honed his skills in fostering teamwork and ensuring memorable experiences for all.

Following the pandemic, he embarked on a new chapter in Dublin, eager to continue his journey as a swimming teacher in an international setting. With a blend of professionalism, expertise, and a warm personality, he looks forward to sharing his passion for swimming and fostering growth in students of all ages and backgrounds.

Giulia Andreottola

Giulia's journey in swimming began at the tender age of 7, leading her to compete in national-level swimming and fin swimming events. Fueled by her passion for the sport, she embarked on a path to acquire further certifications. At 16, Giulia earned her lifeguard certification, followed by becoming a qualified swimming teacher accredited by the Italian Swimming Federation.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Sport Sciences from the University of Chieti and currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Sports Science and Coaching at the University of Florence, Giulia has solidified her position as a dedicated and accomplished figure in the realm of sports.

Beyond her expertise in swimming, Giulia is also a certified personal trainer, underscoring her commitment to continuous learning in training and fitness. This multifaceted background equips her with a comprehensive understanding of both practical and theoretical aspects of athletic performance.

Giulia's passion for teaching extends to her work with children, where she derives immense fulfilment from witnessing their growth and progression. She takes pride in nurturing their skills and confidence, serving as a guiding force in their journey towards achieving their swimming goals and beyond.

Rosalba Itzel Gracia Gonzalez

With over twelve years of experience in the realm of swimming, Itzel has cultivated a profound connection with exercise, prioritizing health and wellness. Throughout her tenure as a swimmer, she dedicated herself to competitive training as a member of a master's team for several years.

Since transitioning from competitive swimming, Itzel has delved into various health philosophies, drawing inspiration from traditional Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Mesoamerican medicine. She has immersed herself in diverse cultural perspectives, gaining firsthand experience and insight into these practices on a local scale.

Itzel holds certifications from esteemed Mexican institutions and is also a certified yoga instructor. With a background in environmental science and a master's degree in South Asian studies, she seamlessly integrates her academic expertise with her passion for health and fitness. By incorporating daily exercise into her own life, she sets a precedent for her students to follow.

As an educator, Itzel firmly believes in the individualized nature of learning, recognizing that people, especially children, have unique learning styles. It is her unwavering commitment to identify and nurture these differences through a dynamic and engaging teaching approach, ensuring that each student thrives both in and out of the water.

Keli Frontarolli

Keli, a Physical Education Teacher, graduated from the State University of São Paulo, Brazil, and discovered her passion for aquatic activities at the age of 18 when she embarked on her first swimming lessons. She firmly believes in the mantra, "It is never too late to learn."

During her college years, Keli delved into teaching swimming classes, drawing upon her personal journey and experiences to inspire and guide children, teenagers, and adults to develop a profound appreciation for aquatic activities. She views swimming as a form of therapy that not only benefits the body but also nurtures the soul.

In addition to her role as a swimming instructor, Keli also works as a Personal Trainer, specializing in assisting elderly individuals and those with special healthcare needs. She is dedicated to motivating and encouraging her clients to engage in regular physical activities, recognizing the paramount importance of keeping our bodies active and healthy.

During her leisure time, you can often find Keli by the poolside or at the gym, where she enjoys both relaxation and maintaining her own physical fitness.

Mateus Rosatti

Mateus is a graduate in Sports Science from the University of São Paulo, Brazil, with a wealth of experience in enhancing the performance of amateur runners and triathletes.

Furthermore, he has excelled in teaching swimming to children, honing his communication and mentoring skills. Mateus' professional path is steered by an unyielding passion for sports, which ignites his enthusiasm and bolsters his self-assurance in every undertaking.

His warm and cheerful nature enables him to establish meaningful connections with individuals and teams alike, cultivating a positive and conducive environment.

Tadeusz Urbaniak

Graduating with a master's degree in Academy Physical Education, Tadeusz is a versatile professional. He holds roles as a Physical Education teacher, Corrective Gymnastics instructor, Swimming Instructor, Ski Instructor, and Personal Trainer.

However, Tadeusz finds his greatest fulfillment in teaching children how to swim. He believes that there's nothing more rewarding than witnessing a child's smile when they conquer a challenging task and overcome their weaknesses.

Tadeusz is known for his boundless energy, unwavering positivity, and a perpetual smile on his face. His primary focus lies in ensuring the satisfaction, progress, and overall contentment of his students.

Tetiana Magai

Swimming holds a central place in Tetiana's life, and her passion for it shines through her teaching.

She has a genuine affection for children and effortlessly establishes rapport with them. When faced with water-related fears, Tetiana employs playful methods to help conquer them. Her approach ensures both you and your child will enjoy learning to swim.

Tetiana firmly believes that swimming not only enhances mood and boosts immunity but also ranks among the best sports. She understands that success in sports, as in life, requires dedicated effort, and encourages taking gradual steps towards your goals while maintaining unwavering self-belief. She emphasizes that sports, whether it's running, swimming, yoga, or morning exercises, endow us with increased strength, endurance, and improved health. Tetiana firmly asserts that with strong motivation, anyone can attain their desired fitness objectives.

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