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  • 5 star review  Jakub chodzi na drugi term, jest zachwycony! Od wrzesnia wraca wraz z Wami :) Pozdrawiamy serdecznie pana Michala :)

    thumb Marianna Kosinska

    5 star review  Wszystko profesjonalnie, super podejście do dzieci .Jesteśmy bardzo zadowoleni !!!!POLECAMY!!!

    thumb Anna Papis-Karbowy

    positive review  I have my young children doing swimming lessons, I think it’s excellent, as they are in small groups of children, and the focus is on teaching them to swim correctly,,, I would most definitely recommend them...👍. I also do adult swimming lessons for myself, to learn how to swim properly for myself... and I would 💯%, recommend them,,

    thumb Rachel Clooney
  • 5 star review  Best kids classes I have come across! My son has made tremendous progress and the fact that the classes are small makes a huge difference! The team is super professional and really give detailed attention to each child to ensure everyone moves forward!

    thumb Nawel Mameche

    5 star review  Wszystkim bardzo mocno polecam ISwim Academy Dublin. Moje dzieci z przyjemnością uczęszczają na zajęcia . Wszyscy trenerzy są bardzo mili i profesjonalnie podchodzą do zajęć . Bardzo dziękuję panu Michalowi za mega cierpliwość do mojego syna ��. Wracamy do Was we wrześniu ����

    thumb Beata Matyja

    5 star review  My daughter started swimming classes just 10 weeks ago.Since then she had made a big progress.When she first stated she wasn't able to do much in the water and 10 weeks later she is able to swim the length of a little pool with her head under water which is amazing.Her swimming lessons improved her confidence and she feels very well in the water. The teachers are able to concentrate on each child individually and focus on their progress.My daughter has learned a lot and had a lots of fun too.I would reccomend it to any parent���

    thumb Monika Wróbel
  • positive review  My daughter has just finished 10 one to one lessons with Tobias. What a great teacher Tobias is. The attention he gives to his swimmers is second to none. She has progressed so much in these 10 lessons than she has done in group classes with other swim schools. The instructors actually get into the water with the children rather than shouting instructions from the poolside which is very rare with swim lessons My daughter has additional needs and Tobias was so patient and tolerant of her. She loves going to these lessons and we have just booked another 10 one to one lessons. Would highly recommend this swim academy as they are very reasonably priced but more than that the children that attend this academy gain so much confidence and actually learn to swim properly with the correct technique. Thanks Tobias for everything. Can not believe how well Hannah has progressed in 10 lessons... Rachel

    thumb Rachel Woodhouse Duggan

    positive review  The difference in my daughter's confidence in the water since she started with ISwim. She can't wait for the next term and this one has not even finished yet. The instructors are great. Thanks ISwim team.

    thumb Edwina Keenan

    positive review  Tobias has been teaching my children to swim and in the space of a few months they've learned more with him than any other instructor. He is very patient and kids have great fun

    thumb Sinead Spain
  • 5 star review  Super profesjonalne lekcje. Dzieciaki zadowolone. A+++

    thumb Patryk Dębski

    5 star review  Looking forward to coming back to the new year with a new term of iSwim's adult classes in St. James' Gate pool! I wanted to improve technique and learn how to swim longer in the pool rather than just taking a dip on holiday. In the months since starting with Tobiasz I've managed to kick bad swimming habits, become stronger and have a lot more confidence. For any adults thinking about coming back to swimming for fitness, these classes are the best way to start.

    thumb Niamh Heery

    5 star review  The best swimming school in Dublin ! The level of instructors commitment is just incredible ! Real professionals and the atmosphere is unreal !! Would recommend to anyone ! AA ++++

    thumb Natalie Wisniewska

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