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  • 5 star review  iSwim team are good teachers for kids and adults as well! It's hard to find such people with love what they do and are good coaches with good experience. All the best for iSwim academy. :)

    thumb Roma Sawicki

    5 star review  Looking forward to coming back to the new year with a new term of iSwim's adult classes in St. James' Gate pool! I wanted to improve technique and learn how to swim longer in the pool rather than just taking a dip on holiday. In the months since starting with Tobiasz I've managed to kick bad swimming habits, become stronger and have a lot more confidence. For any adults thinking about coming back to swimming for fitness, these classes are the best way to start.

    thumb Niamh Heery

    5 star review  I highly recommend ISwim Academy, the best school you can choose. I am extremely impressed with such a professional approach to learning to swim. The daughter has learned more for 2 months than in the previous school for a year. Instructors very nice with a great approach to children.

    thumb Katarzyna Popke
  • positive review  The difference in my daughter's confidence in the water since she started with ISwim. She can't wait for the next term and this one has not even finished yet. The instructors are great. Thanks ISwim team.

    thumb Edwina Keenan

    positive review  Patient and dedicated teachers, relaxed atmosphere, small groups. My son just started iSwim Academy in September and he already cannot wait to progress to the next level! He gained his confidence and learned how to behave in water / how to be safe. Thank you!

    thumb Karolina Guzek

    5 star review  Z ogromna przyjemnością polecam zajęcia z pływania z Panem Tobiaszem. Córka zachwycona gdyby mogła nie wychodziłaby z wody. Zawsze jej mało. Profesjonalizm i wrodzone cudowne podejście do dzieci. Nie możemy juz sie doczekać kolejnych zajęć. Pozdrawiamy

    thumb Monika Marciniak
  • positive review  I highly recommend Iswim Academy. It's a great place where to learn swimming. My two boys just finished first term, they loved every minute of it and they cant wait for January. They had wonderful instructor, lot of fun and made a huge progress in swimming. Thank you ISwim Academy, keep doing great work.

    thumb Jana Pilorget

    5 star review  If you'd like your child to become a confident little swimmer (or bigger) I can definitely recommend ISwim Academy. Set up by Jola & Tobiasz, children learn to swim, have fun experience and gain skills for lifetime. High standards of care are being provided and your child is learning new techniques of swimming (even survival skills!) while having lot of fun at the same time. :-) Don't miss the chance and watch those spots! :-D

    thumb Agnieszka Małgorzata Kaminska

    5 star review  Best kids classes I have come across! My son has made tremendous progress and the fact that the classes are small makes a huge difference! The team is super professional and really give detailed attention to each child to ensure everyone moves forward!

    thumb Nawel Mameche
  • positive review  Hi all I advise anyone looking for swimming class this very good team and work hard with my kids to learn how to swim 🏊‍♀️ and I like to say thanks 🙏 guys

    thumb Sam Sam

    5 star review  Polecam z czystym sumieniem mój 5 cio latek jak się bał wody tak po pierwszych zajęciach jest zachwycony i chce chodzić codziennie.Super podejście dziękuję w imieniu Davida.

    thumb Ewelina Kovac

    positive review  My son is learning to swim with ISwim Academy and I am amazed with his progress. The teachers are very friendly and extremely professional. O would recommend the school to anyone small or big :)

    thumb Bozena Niemczyk

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