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    Jolanta Tulikowska-Sobinek

    Creative & energetic individual with plenty of ideas.


    Graduated with Master degree in Academy of Physical Education in Wroclaw.

    Graduated the State Higher Vocational School in Racibórz and Medical School in Rybnik.

    Founder and co-owner of swimming school ISwim Academy. Instructor of swimming, swimming for infants, corrective gymnastics, nordic walking and wellness instructor.

    Commander-in-Chief, responsible for day-to-day operations to include arranging the appointments even with the tight deadlines. Jolanta makes sure that all is in order with the appointments & schedules.

    On the other hand, she explains everything very patiently, shows & motivates kids to brave body activities in the swimming pool. She spreads her swimming passion even to the kids that have only started walking and they feel like a fish in the sea after lessons with her!

    She conducts variety of activities to include: lessons with infants so that they acclimate with water, swimming lessons for children from 2-4 years & for children 5+, adolescents and adults.

    Passionate about books, personal development, traveling on your own, she has a creative approach to living and she loves looking at the world differently than everyone else.


    email: jolanta@iswim.ie

  • swimming lessons dublin

    Tobiasz Sobinek

    Has a go-getter attitude, always smiling and optimistic about life & where work with kids brings him a lot of satisfaction and energy to work. On top of that he is a very calm person with the patience of a saint.

    He is a qualified physical education teacher however he has chosen to be a second class swim instructor, swimming instructor, water rescuer and wellness instructor.

    Co-founder of swimming school iSwim Academy School. He teaches and improves the swimming techniques for children, adolescents and adults.

    He believes that it is never too late to learn how to swim. According to him, the guarantee of success is a little bit of eagerness, consistency and passionate instructor.

    One of his many passions is ju-jitsu.


    email: tobiasz@iswim.ie

  • swimming lessons dublin

    Krzysztof Mierzwa

    A passionate swim instructor of all ages, he enjoys each learner’s success during the teaching process.

    He is primarily determined by great commitment and by creating the best swimming experience. Children’s fun and smile is the basis of every activity.

    A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Cracow. Instructor of swimming, aqua aerobics, football, gymnastics, basketball and lifeguard. He has been teaching swimming for the past 12 years to include all levels of progression.

    In his spare time he spends time with family and friends, preferably in some form of physical activity (swimming, cycling, running, triathlon)


    email: krzysztof@iswim.ie

  • swimming lessons dublin

    Michał Wojtas

    Graduated with a Master degree in Physical Education and Health in Lodz University. Physical education teacher with many years of experience, swimming instructor, aqua fitness instructor, personal trainer, lifeguard and leisure time animator.

    He is cheerful & always smiling, positively oriented to life and people. He is characterized by great patience, diligence, conscientiousness and punctuality. He enjoys working with people especially with children. He believes that everyone can swim even the person who is afraid of water. His job gives him a lot of joy and satisfaction. Especially when he sees his students’ achievements and progress. He teaches and improves the swimming techniques for children, adolescents and adults.

    Enthusiasts of power sports and mountain tourism


    email: michal@iswim.ie

  • swimming lessons dublin

    Mariola Grabowska-Campion

    Mariola joined our Swim Team in September 2017. Mariola was born in Poland and holds an honours degree in Journalism and Social communication, Mariola’s strong passion for swimming comes from competing at National level in Poland for over 10 years where she was a member of the Juvenia Wroclaw swim club.

    Mariola takes great pride in her opportunity to share her vast competition experience coupled with the chance to provide a fun atmosphere for all our swimmers. Mariola is a fully qualified level 2 swim Ireland teacher, coach level 2  and Rlls lifeguard as she strives to continuously provide the best training environment and latest teachings for all groups.


    email: mariola@iswim.ie

  • swimming lessons dublin

    Piotr Dąbrowski

    Graduate of Physical Academy in Wroclaw . His biggest passions are swimming, basketball, snowboard and all kind of moto sports and water motorsports. Swimming instructor from 2005 and lifeguard since 2004. His greatest adventages are, patience, huge commitment and ability to empathy  to every child. He build up a self-esteem in every beginning swimmer.


    email: piotr@iswim.ie

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    Jan Skrzypiec

    Huge joy and satisfaction gives him teaching and improving swimming skills. Water is his environment. He used to be a competitive swimmer with great results. Instructor of swimming, aqua aerobic and RLLS lifeguard since 2014. He has been studied on the University of Economists in Krakow. He is a positive person with huge patience and calm. He doesn’t believe in not possible things. He is sure that everybody can learn how to swim and it is never too late for that.

    Passionate about sports, psychology, self/spiritual development.

    He teaches and improves the swimming techniques for children, adolescents and adults.


    email: jan@iswim.ie

  • swimming lessons, swimming lessons dublin, swimming lessons tallaght

    Sylwester Michalski

    I started my adventure with swimming at school, where I trained swimming for many years. I was competing at the national level. All my life has always been associated with water first competing, now teaching and coaching kids and adults.

    I am a swimming instructor, fitness instructor, personal trainer and lifeguard. I do many other sports but swimming has always been my passion.

    Thanks to which I am fulfilling myself professionally, teaching to swim gives me real pleasure. I want to infect my passion for swimming with as many people as possible and give them skills that can help them save their or other people’s lives.


    email: sylwester@iswim.ie

  • swimming lessons, swimming lessons dublin, swimming lessons tallaght

    Elena Maslova

    I’m a highly motivated individual with a proven understanding of athlete coaching, development and management.
    Graduated in BSC in Sports Science and Physical Culture in Russia. First Class Honours.
    Got qualification in Ireland: Gym & fitness Studio Instructor, Personal Trainer (ITEC), Triathlon Coach, Swim Coach, Swim Teacher, Cycling Coach.

    I have been involved in coaching Youth, Senior and Para Olympian athletes also participated in the past 15 years.

    Coaching, teaching life skills and involving people in sport is my passion. All skills I teach or coach through fun, enjoyment during the classes.
    My classes consist of teaching through the joyful and rewarding experience. I always open to communicate with kids and parents.

    email: elena@iswim.ie

  • swimming lessons, swimming lessons dublin, swimming lessons tallaght

    Jelena Cernavska

    With over 4 years of experience in leading swim classes for students of various skill levels, I possess the comprehensive skill set and hands-on understanding necessary to affect positive, overreaching outcomes in this role.

    I realize this is a challenging position but I have the teaching skills and the patience needed to teach swimming lessons.
    My dedication to safety rules and procedures for swimmers has resulted in my clean track record as a Swimming Instructor; I possess lifeguard, first aid, CPR and AED certifications and a real desire to teach others how to swim.

    I believe it is something that everyone should have the opportunity to learn.

    email: jelena@iswim.ie

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