Halliwick Swimming group lessons

Halliwick Swimming group lessons

These 40 minutes classes take place with parent involvement. The group consists of a maximum of 5 pair (children-parent) who are supervised by our qualified instructor. Classes take place once a week.


This specialised water therapy will be the group and individual classes for disabled children or adults conducted by the Halliwick method. The swimmer will learn through a series of games and fun activities about water confidence & balance.


The Halliwick Philosophy is:
“To teach water happiness and enjoyment of the water and encourage one’s ability not disability”


The long term goal is to become an independent swimmer. These lessons are taught by a qualified swim teacher and Halliwick instructor.


These are mainly intended for children and adults:


• with childhood cerebral palsy, dystrophic diseases, meningomyelocele,

• with Down’s syndrome,

• with autism

• with ADHD, difficulties in behaviour and learning,

• with mental disabilities and other neurological diseases.

•after strokes



*Swimmers have to be able to walk with any help because of the restrictions of the facility.
*Group lessons are designed only for children


Price: 20€/lesson (pair of child-parent)


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