Classes for 5+years old

Classes for 5+years old


in these classes takes place without parent involvement. The group consists of a maximum of 6 children in the first 4 levels who are supervised by our instructor. Classes take place once a week. Every child benefits from our individual approach due to small group numbers. We want to bring out the full potential of each one of our little pupils.


At this stage, the child starts learning using 8-level academy program developed by us. The initial levels start with a mixture of games and training technique. After completing successive stages the proportions between these two change in favour of training. At the end of stage 7 children will be able to swim in 3 elementary styles.

In addition after the completion of all 7 levels of this program, we are offering continuation in the form of a lane coaching. These classes are focused around improving 3 previously learned styles and adding a new one – butterfly. It is an ideal solution for those children who are thinking about joining sports clubs or would like to improve their technique in a particular style.


PLEASE NOTE: You should consult your GP to find out if there are any contraindications to participation in the aquatic environment before deciding to sign up your children.



1) Frogs
2) Penguins
3) Seals

4) Marlins

5) Dolphins
6) Sharks
7) Orcas
8) Lane Coaching


Swimming Programme Criteria


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