October 10, 2022
Pool Re-open in Club Vitae Liffey Valley on the 27th of October.

Dear Parents,


It is with great regret and great disappointment that we are writing to you regarding another postponement of the start date of the Autumn term at Club Vitae Liffey Valley.


Unfortunately, in the last 96 hours, we were informed by the Management Club Vitae that the work was extended for another time.


For many of you who are with us for more than one term, you know that we care about our customers and we want you to know that we didn’t have any power whatsoever when the dates or work would be done.

Unfortunately, at the very beginning, there was talk of 4 or 5 weeks( for some), then until 6, now we have information that the opening is finally postponed to October 27. We are hoping that there will be no changes as the works are almost finished, now they have to recalibrate and heat the pool which will take an additional week.


After the recent postponement of the pool reopening, we still can’t rely on this information with 100% certainty, as we are aware that with this type of work where there are several contractors involved delays might happen.


What Next?


We, as a company that provides swimming lessons there, decided to stop passively watching what is happening, and we decided to act immediately. We would like to assure you now that you do not have to worry, this term will be extended by all those weeks that were postponed after October 5th.


We cannot extend all weeks now because most of the parents used their tokens in other locations and with over 800 swimmers at this location, we are not able to verify this.


During Halloween mid-term break there will be no makeup classes.

The Autumn term will be extended until 15th Jan 2023.


As some of you know, we couldn’t do that option before because originally autumn term has a start date and end date in the iClass Pro system. Since we use it there is no option split the term, which is why we use makeup tokens or do makeup lessons if we can do it during the existing term. We decided to buy an additional separate license for iClass Pro during this term to be able to separate the end of the term in Liffey Valley.


It will take about 7 working days to manually move all the Liffey Valley children to the new term in a different timeframe and separate this term from other locations. We need to recreate all classes, enrolments, and payments.


The work will start today on Monday 10.10.22 so if you don’t see your enrolment temporarily – don’t worry, the office work is in progress.


Once again, we would like to apologize for this situation, unfortunately, as an external company, we have no influence on what is happening.

We will take that as a valuable lesson for the future and we can promise that if anything like that happens, we will be more prepared than this time.


We promise that even though children will start with such a delay,  your kids will receive the best service we can provide in our Academy.


Thank you for your understanding. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Kind Regards

iSwim Academy Management

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