February 19, 2020
What are the benefits of learning how to swim from an early age?

The child sleeps better, has a better appetite and gets sick less – these are the benefits that parents most often observe after enrolling their children to swimming lessons. And in fact: swimming is not only an engaging sport, but also invaluable benefits for the child’s health.

If you are wondering whether to send your child to the swimming pool, le tour list of 5 benefits of swimming that ensure healthy development in children, be the driving force for you.

Swimming improves your child’s brain development.

According to modern knowledge, the brain of young children develops by developing mobility. The altering movements of the arms and legs are of particular importance here, such as crawling, and exactly those are performed while swimming. Therefore, it is worth enrolling your child for swimming classes from an early age. Systematic swimming training causes an increase in the number of neurons in the brain, on the amount of which depends the child’s later intelligence. If you want your child to focus faster, learn easier and have a better memory – sign him/her up for swimming lessons.

Swimming improves coordination

KMotor coordination, which is the basis of later physical fitness, develops the most at the age of 8-12. It is at this time that it is good to support the child in his proper development and swimming is the best sport in this matter. Why?
Unlike other sports, almost all body muscles are involved in swimming. Over time, the muscles become stronger, and rhythmic movements in the water and their synchronization with breathing is becoming easier. As a result, children who have learned to swim are better coordinated, more agile, have a faster response and better muscular sensation.

Swimming develops self-confidence and social competence

Children who come to the swimming pool from an early age must overcome their fear of water quite early. However, when they manage to do it, it is a fantastic feeling for them, which gives them confidence, strength and a sense of agency, which in turn increases self-esteem and reduces social anxiety. That is why children who learn to swim are more eager to make new friendships, are more open and sociable. At the same time, making a child familiar with water should take place under the watchful eye of an instructor who will create favourable conditions for the child. You can find out at iSwim Academy in a swimming school with qualified instructors and relevant experience, to which we invite children from Dublin 12, Dublin 24, Dublin 3, near Tallaght, Clontarf, Crumlin and by the airport to come swimming, to see how much we care about this initial moment of teaching swimming.

Swimming relaxes and reduces stress

The resistance of water, immersion in it and doing exercises means that when we leave the pool, we become lighter. Synchronization of breathing with arm and leg movements is of great importance here. As a result, swimming calms you down, so that children who regularly train swimming are more calm and less stressed. Relaxation that is provided by swimming lessons helps them cope with difficult situations at school, and in the future can become a healthy habit and a way to get cleared up after a hard day.

Swimming corrects posture defects

The lifestyle of modern children and adults is becoming increasingly sedentary. This contributes to numerous posture defects, ranging from flat feet to spinal defects. However, these defects can often be corrected only at a young age. Learning to swim is helpful in this matter. Exercises in water do not burden the spine or joints, and at the same time strengthen the muscles, so they are a great way for both general prevention and correction of posture defects in children.

In summary – Swimming and child development. What are the benefits from learning to swim from an early age?

Although it may not have seems so obvious to you so far, learning to swim is very important for the healthy development of your child. We hope that our article has convinced you that it is worth enrolling your child for this type of activity. And if you live in Dublin or around it, we invite you to swim lessons at the Vitae club, Westwood Club, Crumlin Swimming Pool or Alsaa Club, which will provide your child with the best and truly motivating swim start.

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