Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before you start using our website and booking system. By using our website and booking system, you indicate that you accept these terms of use and that you agree to abide by them. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not continue using our website and booking system.


  • Booking for classes will only be confirmed upon receipt of full payment.
  • Payment for the course is a confirmation of acquaintance and acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Debit and Credit Card Payments

  • There are no additional charges for the use of debit or credit cards. We do not store any payment card details. Please ensure your card is set up for 2 factor authentication with your bank, otherwise, your booking will not get processed.



  • You are welcome to email us with more detailed specific information, if needed before you book your child with us.
  • All bookings will be confirmed by email. No booking will be fully confirmed until full payment is received and registration details about each child are submitted. Responsibility for all booking details lies with the person who made the booking.
  • It is a condition of enrolment of the child that the booking and policy are completed by a parent or legal guardian only. A parent or legal guardian must ensure that they provide us with the parent/legal guardian's name, phone number & email at the time of booking.
    Please ensure the phone numbers you provide are in use and contactable. 
  • If the booking will be made by not a legal guardian/ parent we will contact you to remove the additional child (cousin, friend, etc.) from the swim course/swim camp. In this instance, a cancellation fee of €30€ per child will apply, and the balance will be refunded to you.
  • The date of birth must be the correct one for each child. This is mandatory, any person who includes an incorrect date of birth for a child puts their child at risk. You will be informed and your child will be removed from the swim course/swim camp immediately and no refund will be allowed. The date of birth of your child is very important for their safety and any emergency services. Please do not compromise your child's safety by inputting an incorrect date of birth.
  • The information contained in the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website also forms part of the terms and conditions which you accept when making a booking.
  • The customer is allowed to pay in 2 installments only if they have more than one child. The first half is on the day of the booking then the second half is within the next 28 days but not later than a week before the new term starts. If the entire course is not paid before its commencement, the course participant will not be able to participate in the first class. The child will be removed from the list and no refund will be provided.
  • Any additional booking must be made separately, and no discount will accrue as a result of a previous booking.
  • Discounts cannot be combined. In some cases the booking system allows the customer to apply more than one discount however all the payments are verified by the office so additional discounts may be removed if not applied correctly. Every customer will be informed by email about every charge change. The correct amount is always visible in the customer account.


Sibling discount

Regular swim course-10€ discount for the second and every subsequent child

Intensive swim camps- 10% discount for the second and every subsequent child

Multicamp discount

10€ off when you book more than one swim camp at The Same Time

Quick Sale discount

depending on the promotion

Sibling discounts & Quick Sale discounts cannot be combined

Sibling discounts & Multicamp discounts cannot be combined


Conditions of Booking

  • Joining the classes by a child or an adult is synonymous with the lack of health contraindications, mental or physical disorders that may affect participation in group or individual swimming lessons. If there are any medical reasons, please contact the office before booking a place. If you do not provide the details and we subsequently find that your child has a health issue/special need iSwim Academy reserve the right to assess the situation based on the best interest of the child and other participants' safety. If we remove your child from the swim course/swim camp, no refund will be issued in this instance if there was no information given prior to booking. It is in your child's best interests that you provide that kind of information to us.
  • If your child has a condition that requires one to one care or if they have an SNA in school then they will require one to one care in iSwim Academy. Our staff cannot always provide such a ratio of care however we might recommend private lessons if we are able to provide a specially trained instructor at that very moment. Please contact the office for further information.
  • If the customer book for the swim course after the term starts will have to pay for the full course but will receive tokens for all missed weeks.
  • The enrollment is made on a specific day and time. The iSwim Academy reserves the right to make a final decision regarding the allocation to the appropriate group. The group is opened when half of the participants of the course + 1 are gathered.
  • The iSwim Academy reserves the right to change the day and time of classes, combining groups in case of a small number of people in the group and changing the instructor when required.
  • iSwim Academy Swim Teachers are all trained to the highest standard and may at any stage be changed as determined by scheduling.
  • Each participant of the course should have:
    • Swimsuit
    • Cap (preferably silicone one)
    • Slippers
    • Towel
    • Swimming goggles
    • Patience
    • Good mood
    • Faith in your own skills
  • Swim Academy is responsible for children only during classes. Before and after the lesson, parents or legal guardians are responsible for the children. The class organizer is not responsible for any injury or loss or damage to clothing or personal belongings.
  • The result of any swim course/ swim camp cannot be guaranteed and all progress depends on the participant’s effort and cooperation in and outside the session. Individual results may vary and no particular result is guaranteed by any instructor.
  • The parents/ carers are not permitted to be at the swimming pool deck during the lessons. They can stay in the changing room or in the viewing area if it's available.
  • Where the viewing area is available is insufficient for all parents we may provide a virtual viewing gallery. The purpose of this facility is to enable reasonable visual oversight of the classes to parents/guardians. This provides transparency and openness to parents and encourages parental involvement in the education of their children. This consists of a CCTV image of the class being displayed on a monitor in the waiting area of the building. This video stream is not stored or accessible by any third parties. If you would prefer your child not to be included in the virtual viewing gallery, please use one of our locations where adequate physical viewing facilities are available.
  • In the swimming pools is strictly forbidden to take photos. The participants of classes, as well as parents, are obliged to obey the rules prevailing at the given facility.
  • Parents who do not have a membership of a given club or purchased an entry ticket are forbidden to stay in the water during and after classes. The fee for a child’s course includes only the child’s participation in the swimming lesson. Children who have finished their classes are asked to go straight to the changing room.
  • The iSwim Academy Management reserves the right to alter the swim programme as outlined on this website at any time without prior notice
  • iSwim Academy reserves the right to amend these regulations.
  • Participants who do not stick to the Terms & Conditions of iSwim Academy School and the general rules of the facility may be removed from the list of participants without any refund.
  • The parent's gender determines to which changing room the child goes. If the child is older than the facility policy is stating, it should change in the changing room according to its gender. Please check the facility policy or contact us to find out more.
  • The right is reserved to refuse admission or to dismiss, at any time, a participant of a swim course/swim camp whose presence by way of conduct or deportment is deemed by iSwim Academy Management to be detrimental to the best interests or safety of the Academy, without any refund.
  • All swim lessons and swimming related activities are attended at your own risk. iSwim Academy cannot make any representation or guarantee that attending a venue or participating in swimming is free from risk.



  • If your child needs an assessment to verify his level or his readiness for classes before joining the Academy, please do not book any group lessons or camps prior to the assessment. Under the above Terms and Conditions, you will be liable to pay a 30€ cancellation fee/per child for any booked group lessons or camp if your child won't be ready for the group lessons after the assessment. The balance will be refunded to your iSwim account as a credit however there is no refund/credit if the booking was made less than 14 days before the swim camp/swim course started.
  • If the child didn't have a swim assessment and during the swim course/ swim camp it turns out that is not ready for the lessons and the parent withdraws the child from the swim course/ swim camp no refund applies.

  • If the child had a swim assessment and after the assessment is still not ready for the lessons during the swim course/ swim camp for any reason the customer is entitled to receive a credit or refund for the remaining weeks of the course.

Tokens (makeup classes)

Regular swim course

  • Mark absence 24 hours before via the Parent Portal to be eligible for a token.
  • Makeup tokens are generated on the date of your missed class.
  • Tokens have no expiry date, and they are limited to 2 tokens every 30 days from the day of the last token. To use a token, you have to have an active enrolment.
  • In case of absence due to illness, there is a possibility to receive more than 2 restricted tokens per month after presenting a medical certificate

Swim camp - not applicable

Changing your Booking

  • Regular swim course- Subject to availability you will be able to alter your booking by contacting the iSwim Academy Office. Changes do not incur a charge.

  • Intensive swim camp- Changes do not incur a charge if it is 14 days before the camp starts. If the change is made in less than 14 days the cancellation fee is applied (30€ per child)

Canceling your Booking

  • If you cancel your booking up to 14 days before the swim course/ swim camp for any reason, a cancellation fee of €30€ per child will apply, and the balance will be refunded to your iSwim account as a credit.
  • Due to the limit on swim course/ swim camp places and the anticipated high demand, any cancellations made within 14 days of the swim course/ swim camp start date will not be entitled to a refund.
  • Once your child begins their swim course/ swim camp with us, and if they have to leave for any reason, no refund is available at that stage.
  • In case of absence due to illness, there is a possibility to receive more than 2 restricted tokens per month after presenting a medical certificate. Tokens are the only form of compensation ( no refund, no credit)
  • If the swim camp cannot take place for any circumstance i.e. Act of God, Government Directive, or Onsite issue, then the same cancellation policy will apply i.e. you will receive a full refund less the €10 per child admin fee.
  • In the case of non-realization of the swim course due to technical reasons (e.g. failure at the swimming pool), the iSwim Academy is obliged to conduct these activities on a different date (if possible) or give parents a lifetime makeup token to use in the future.


Private Lessons Terms and Conditions 

  • Payment is required for private lessons in advance before the first lesson.
  • All pre-paid lesson blocks of 10 lessons have a completion date of 6 months, 5 lessons-3 months, and 1 lesson-1 month. Outstanding sessions will not be carried over the completion date.
  • The result of any training session cannot be guaranteed and all progress depends on the client’s effort and cooperation in and outside the session. We ask that you acknowledge that individual results may vary and no particular result is guaranteed by your instructor.
  • Any sessions that have been pre-paid are non-refundable or transferable.
  • In the event you are canceling or rescheduling your session, whenever possible, please notify your instructor with 24 hours' notice.
  • In the event of a ‘no show’ or ‘insufficient notice' of a minimum of 24 hours, the session will be lost.
  • If you are running late for your session please note the instructor may not be able to provide you with your full session. If however, your instructor is late you will be entitled to your full session time or it will be added to another session.


Data Protection

  • Data will be dealt with in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  • Our privacy notice is posted on our website. We advise you to consult the current and up-to-date privacy notice when considering your rights.


Parent Feedback

  • We aim to provide the best possible care for all children at all times.
  • Please tell other parents if you are happy with your experience.
  • If you have concerns, suggestions, or complaints, please tell us by sending an email to management@iswim.ie, we value your feedback and use it to develop and improve our services. Complaints should be raised at the earliest opportunity so that we can resolve them quickly.


Safety and Public Liability

  • The programme will operate along with the highest safety standards. 
  • Parents/guardians will be liable for medical expenses incurred, including hospital charges. iSwim Academy will not be responsible for any illness, disease, accident, travel delays, or loss of property unless occasioned by a willful act of negligence on the part of iSwim Academy or one of its employees/contractors.
  • The parent/guardian must make provisions for the collection of children. iSwim Academy cannot accept responsibility for the care of children outside of the designated hours.

iSwim Academy operates the activities with health and safety key to the operation of these events. iSwim has full public liability coverage for all activities undertaken. Personal Accident Insurance against injury, accident, or loss whilst on swim camp/swim course is your responsibility (the name of the person who made the booking online or by telephone). In the event of an injury or accident involving the child/children you have booked onto the swim camp/ swim course you accept that iSwim Academy will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage, or injury arising from or associated with their participation in the activities offered by iSwim Academy and hereby waiver all and any claims against iSwim Academy in this regard in relation to the child /children you have booked onto swim camp/ swim course.

You hereby release, waive, forever hold harmless, indemnify, and keep indemnified iSwim Academy from all claims for any injury, loss, or damage sustained by the child/children arising from or associated with the activities and hereby indemnify iSwim Academy against all claims made by any other person against iSwim Academy in respect of any injury, loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the failure of the child/children to follow safety instructions, guideline, instructions, and rules outlined by iSwim Academy, its management, and staff. iSwim Academy accepts no responsibility for items lost/stolen or damaged on the premises. We recommend that children/ adults leave any valuables at home.

iSwim Academy shall have no liability for customers' failure to receive information due to spam, junk email, or other security settings or customers' provision of incorrect or otherwise non-functioning contact information.

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