1. Booking for classes will only be confirmed upon receipt of full payment.
    2. Payment for the course is a confirmation of acquaintance and acceptance of the regulations.
    3. Joining the classes by a child or an adult is synonymous with the lack of health contraindications, mental or physical disorders that may affect to participate in group or individual swimming lessons.
    4. Swimming school iSwim Academy does not make refunds for unfulfilled participant’s classes due to their absence in the course. Only in case of absence due to illness, there is a possibility to reduce the price of the next ticket by 50% of the value of the number of missed classes after presenting a medical certificate.
    5. In the case of non-realization of classes activities due to technical reasons (e.g. failure at the swimming pool), the iSwim Academy is obliged to conduct these activities on a different date or give parents a lifetime makeup token to use in the future.
    6. iSwim Academy is under no obligation to refund or transfer your money in the event that your child is unable to attend part of or the entire course. If you cancel any course at any time prior to 14 days before the course begins we will refund your money minus a €30 administration charge. After that time iSwim Academy is not obligated to refund any money.
    7. If your child needs an assessment to verify his level or his readiness for classes before joining the Academy, please do not book any group lessons or camps prior to the assessment. Under the above Terms and Conditions, you will be liable to pay a 30€ cancellation fee for any booked group lessons or camp if your child won't be ready for the group lessons after the assessment.

    8. The enrollment is made on a specific day and time. The iSwim Academy reserves the right to make a final decision regarding the allocation to the appropriate group. The group is opened when half of the participants of the course + 1 are gathered.

    9. The iSwim Academy reserves the right to change the day and time of classes, combining groups in case of a small number of people in the group and changing the instructor when required.
    10. Our Swim Teachers are all trained to the highest standard and may at any stage be changed as determined by scheduling.
    11. Each participant of the course should have:
      • Swimsuit
      • Cap (preferably silicone one)
      • Slippers
      • Towel
      • Swimming goggles
      • Patience
      • Good mood
      • Faith in your own skills
    12.  Swim Academy is responsible for children only during classes. Before and after the lesson, parents or legal guardians are responsible for the children. The class organizer is not responsible for any injury or loss or damage to clothing or personal belongings.
    13. In the swimming pool is strictly forbidden to take photos. The participants of classes, as well as parents, are obliged to obey the rules prevailing at the given facility.
    14. Parents who do not have a membership of a given club or purchased entry ticket are forbidden to stay in the water during and after classes. The fee for a child’s course includes only the child’s participation in the swimming lesson. Children who have finished their classes are asked to go straight to the changing room.
    15. iSwim Academy reserves the right to amend these regulations.
    16. Participants who do not stick to Term & Condition of iSwim Academy School and the general rules of the facility may be removed from the list of participants without any refund.
    17. COVID-19 Lesson Terms and Conditions Addendum

This addendum to our standard terms and conditions contains clauses specifically related to COVID 19 and the temporary changes to our operations in place as a result of the pandemic. It may be amended or withdrawn at any time based on government guidelines and legal requirements. Up to date version will be held on our website www.iswim.ie at all times. The current version on our website supersedes any other version held by anyone.

17.1 COVID Guidelines

Before attending your first lesson after our relaunch, you will be issued with a set of guidelines by iSwim Academy.
You must read and adhere to these guidelines at all times.
If you believe you will have difficulty adhering to the guidelines you must speak to iSwim Academy immediately to discuss what options there are for you to attend your lessons.
Any breach of the guidelines will result in a warning being issued to you.
Any further breach of the guidelines after a warning has been issued will result in you being suspended from lessons.
Upon suspension, you will not be entitled to any refund or any replacement lessons for the lessons you miss due to suspension
You will be allowed to return to lessons once lockdown restrictions and COVID related procedures are no longer required.

17.2 COVID Exposure and Symptoms

If any of the following conditions apply to you or your child, you must inform iSwim Academy and not attend lessons for a period of 2 weeks or until you are symptom-free in the case that you have any, whichever is longer:
a)You have travelled internationally and returned to Ireland from a country NOT in one of Ireland’s Travel Corridors in the last 14 days and have been instructed to self-isolate.

b)You have knowingly been in contact with someone who has travelled internationally and returned to Ireland from a country NOT in one of Ireland’s Travel Corridors in the last 14 days and has been instructed to self-isolate.

c)You have been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID 19 AND been contacted by HSE with instructions to self-isolate

d)You have developed any of the following symptoms:


-Continuous Cough

-Loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

If you are tested for COVID 19 and it is confirmed you have COVID 19, you must inform iSwim Academy immediately.
By attending lessons you are declaring that to your best knowledge you have not been exposed to any of the conditions in Clause 16.2a, 16.2b, 16.2c and 16.2d above and that you are medically and physically fit to participate in swimming activities and that you do not pose a danger to the health and safety of yourself or others.

17.3 Events Outside Of Our Control

We are not responsible for delays or cancellations of lessons due to events outside our control. This includes the suspension of lessons due to COVID related restrictions nationally and locally, including a second wave of the virus, and temporary lockdown of venues where an outbreak has been identified.
We will resume lessons as soon as possible following any suspension and any lessons you have paid for but not received will be delivered at that point. At that time we will provide a replacement lesson, credit for the value of that lesson.
In the event that you are unable to attend a lesson (for example, due to your or your child’s sickness or holiday), we are unable to refund you as your payment secures your place for the full term.
If the iSwim Academy is unable to run a lesson because of reasons beyond our reasonable control (for example, in severe weather, Covid-19 etc.), we are unable to refund you. However, we will use reasonable endeavours to provide a replacement lesson.

17.4 Risk

All swim lessons and swimming related activities are attended at your own risk.
iSwim Academy cannot make any representation or guarantee that attending a venue or participating in swimming is free from risk.

18. Private Lessons Terms and Conditions 

18.1 Payment is required for blocks in advance of beginning your sessions.

18.2 All pre-paid block courses and packages of 10 lessons have a completion date of 6 months, 5 lessons-3 months, 1 lesson-1 month. Outstanding sessions will not be carried over the completion date.

18.3 The result of any training session cannot be guaranteed and all progress depends on the client’s effort and co-operation in and outside the session. We ask that you acknowledge that individual results may vary and no particular result is guaranteed by your instructor.

18.4 Any sessions that have been pre-paid are non-refundable or transferable.

18.5 In the event you are cancelling or rescheduling your session, whenever possible, please notify your instructor with 24 hours’ notice.

18.6 In the event of a ‘no show’ or ‘insufficient notice’ of a minimum of 12 hours the session will be lost.

18.7 If you are running late for your session please note the instructor may not be able to provide you with your full session. If however, your instructor is late you will be entitled to your full session time or it will be added to another session.

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